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DPS License Suspension Hearings

If you’ve recently paid off a slew of old tickets or found yourself on the receiving end of several moving violations in a short span, beware. You may soon receive a dreaded “Notice of Driver’s License Suspension” from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for being flagged as a habitual violator.

Understanding the Urgency

Upon receiving this notice, time is of the essence. There’s a tight deadline to request a hearing, and failing to act swiftly could exacerbate your situation.

Seek Expert Legal Guidance

To navigate this precarious scenario, enlist the assistance of a seasoned legal professional like Rubin & Rolong, PLLC. With a wealth of experience in handling these hearings, Rubin & Rolong, PLLC can provide you with unparalleled representation when it’s time to face the judge.

Protect Your Driving Privileges

By acting promptly and securing expert legal counsel, you can increase your chances of preserving your driving privileges and mitigating the potential consequences of your violations.

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