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Criminal Defense

Expert Criminal Defense by Rubin & Rolong PLLC

Defending Your Rights, Protecting Your Future

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter that can have profound consequences on your life, liberty, and future. At Rubin & Rolong PLLC, we understand the gravity of your situation and are dedicated to providing vigorous and compassionate defense for our clients. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are here to fight for your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Why Choose Rubin & Rolong PLLC?

Experienced Defense Attorneys: Our team comprises highly skilled attorneys with extensive experience in handling a wide array of criminal cases. We are well-versed in local, state, and federal laws and have successfully defended clients against various charges.
Personalized Legal Strategies: We recognize that every case is unique. Our attorneys take the time to understand your specific circumstances and develop a customized defense strategy tailored to your needs.
Aggressive Representation: We are dedicated to aggressively defending our clients’ rights. From thorough investigations to challenging the prosecution’s evidence, we leave no stone unturned in building a strong defense.
Client-Centered Approach: At Rubin & Rolong PLLC, you are more than just a case number. We prioritize clear communication, ensuring that you are informed and involved at every step of the legal process.
Free Initial Consultation: We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and provide an honest assessment of your legal options. This is an opportunity for you to get to know us and understand how we can help.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

Assault and Battery: Whether it’s a minor altercation or a serious charge, our attorneys are adept at defending against accusations of assault and battery, seeking to mitigate or dismiss the charges.
Drug Crimes: From possession to trafficking, drug-related charges carry severe penalties. We are experienced in challenging evidence and negotiating favorable outcomes for our clients.
Theft and Burglary: Accusations of theft or burglary can impact your reputation and future. Our team works tirelessly to defend against these charges and protect your rights.
Domestic Violence: These charges require sensitive handling and a strong defense. We are committed to defending your rights while addressing the complexities of domestic violence cases.
DUI/DWI: Driving under the influence charges can lead to serious penalties, including license suspension and jail time. Our attorneys have the expertise to challenge the evidence and fight for your rights.
White Collar Crimes: Fraud, embezzlement, and other white-collar crimes require a meticulous defense strategy. We are skilled at dissecting complex financial cases and advocating for our clients.
Sex Crimes: Charges of sexual misconduct are among the most serious and stigmatizing. Our attorneys provide a rigorous defense, ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.
Violent Crimes: Murder, manslaughter, and other violent crimes carry the harshest penalties. Our team is prepared to mount an aggressive defense to protect your freedom.
Probation Violations: If you are accused of violating probation, the consequences can be severe. We work to present your case effectively and argue for leniency or alternative solutions.

Our Approach to Criminal Defense

Initial Consultation: We start with a free, confidential consultation to understand the details of your case and explain your legal options. This helps us build a strong foundation for your defense.
Comprehensive Investigation: Our team conducts a thorough investigation, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and identifying any procedural errors or violations of your rights.
Strategic Defense Planning: We develop a robust defense strategy tailored to the specifics of your case. This may include negotiating with prosecutors, filing motions to suppress evidence, or preparing for trial.
Court Representation: Our attorneys represent you in court with dedication and expertise. We present a compelling case, challenge the prosecution’s evidence, and fight for your acquittal or a favorable resolution.

Here are some other Criminal Defense cases we handle:

  • Administrative License Revocation  Hearing (ALR Hearings) 
  • Assaults 
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Drug Possession
  • Domestic Violence (Assault Family Member)
  • Evading Police Officers 
  • Expunctions & Non-Disclosures
  • Hit & Run 
  • Possession of Marijuana 
  • Prostitution Defense 
  • Reckless Driving 
  • Theft Cases (Class A and B Misdemeanors)
Don’t face criminal charges alone. Contact Rubin & Rolong PLLC today for a free initial consultation. Our experienced attorneys are ready to provide the skilled and aggressive defense you need to protect your rights and your future. Call us at (832) 840-1115 or fill out our online contact form to get started.
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