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Because assault it is considered a violent crime, it is taken very seriously by the courts and can have serious legal consequences.

Burglary and Criminal Trespass

Theft, burglary, and criminal trespassing are all similar in nature, but have very specific distinctions and three different charges.

Criminal Mischief

Under the Texas Penal Code, criminal mischief involves tampering with, damaging, or destroying property.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is a criminal offense in Texas that refers to a crime committed against public order and decency.

Domestic Violence

If you and your spouse, partner, or other family member has a volatile relationship, you could find yourself in legal trouble after an altercation.

Drug Crimes

In Texas, convictions for drug offenses carry stiff penalties, including fines and jail time even for first-time offenders.

Misdemeanor Theft

Texas classifies its theft offenses according to the value of the stolen property or services and sometimes, by the type of property taken.

Indecency Crimes

Prostitution and solicitation are two separate crimes and a sex act does not have to occur to be charged.

Intoxication Related Crimes

Alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses, commonly known as driving while intoxicated (DWI), are frequently prosecuted criminal offenses in Texas.

Expunction and Sealing of Misdemeanor Records

Getting arrested has the potential to cause negative effects for the rest of your life, even if the criminal charges against you are dropped.

Texas Misdemeanor Lawyer

Texas is widely recognized as one of the harshest states when it comes to criminal penalties, and this includes misdemeanors.

Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon

If you knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly carry on your person a handgun, club, or illegal knife, you can be prosecuted for the Class A Misdemeanor.

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